Publications [#248411] of Roxanne P. Springer

Papers Published
  1. Phillips, DR; Schindler, MR; Springer, RP, An effective-field-theory analysis of low-energy parity-violation in nucleon–nucleon scattering, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 822 no. 1-4 (May, 2009), pp. 1-19 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .

    We analyze parity-violating nucleon-nucleon scattering at energies E < mπ2 / M using the effective field theory appropriate for this regime. The minimal Lagrangian for short-range parity-violating NN interactions is written in an operator basis that encodes the five partial-wave transitions that dominate at these energies. We calculate the leading-order relationships between parity-violating NN asymmetries and the coefficients in the Lagrangian and also discuss the size of sub-leading corrections. We conclude with a discussion of further observables needed to completely determine the leading-order Lagrangian. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.