Publications [#248417] of Roxanne P. Springer

Papers Published
  1. Butler, MN; Savage, MJ; Springer, RP, Electromagnetic moments of the baryon decuplet, Physical Review D, vol. 49 no. 7 (1994), pp. 3459-3465 [doi] .

    We compute the leading contributions to the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments of the baryon decuplet in chiral perturbation theory. The measured value for the magnetic moment of the Ω- is used to determine the local counterterm for the magnetic moments. We compare the chiral perturbation theory predictions for the magnetic moments of the decuplet with those of the baryon octet and find reasonable agreement with the predictions of the large-Nc limit of QCD. The leading contribution to the quadrupole moment of the Δ and other members of the decuplet comes from one-loop graphs. The pionic contribution is shown to be proportional to Iz (and so will not contribute to the quadrupole moment of I=0 nuclei), while the contribution from kaons has both isovector and isoscalar components. The chiral logarithmic enhancement of both pion and kaon loops has a coefficient that vanishes in the SU(6) limit. The third allowed moment, the magnetic octupole, is shown to be dominated by a local counterterm with corrections arising at two loops. We briefly mention the strange counterparts of these moments. © 1994 The American Physical Society.