Publications [#248428] of Roxanne P. Springer

Papers Published
  1. Savage, MJ; Springer, RP, The anapole form factor of the deuteron, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 686 no. 1-4 (Summer, 2001), pp. 413-428 [doi] .

    We find the leading-order result for the anapole form factor of the deuteron using effective field theory. The momentum dependence of the anapole form factor is different from that of the matrix element of the strange currents in the deuteron, which may provide a way for disentangling these two competing effects when analyzing parity-violating electron-deuteron scattering experiments. We give closed form expressions for both the form factor and integrals often encountered in the NN effective field theory. © 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.