Publications [#269424] of Ehsan Samei

Papers Published
  1. Samei, E; Saunders, RS; Badea, CT; Ghaghada, KB; Hedlund, LW; Qi, Y; Yuan, H; Bentley, RC; Mukundan, S, Micro-CT imaging of breast tumors in rodents using a liposomal, nanoparticle contrast agent., International Journal of Nanomedicine, vol. 4 (January, 2009), pp. 277-282 [20011244], [doi] .

    A long circulating liposomal, nanoscale blood pool agent encapsulating traditional iodinated contrast agent (65 mg I/mL) was used for micro-computed tomography (CT) imaging of rats implanted with R3230AC mammary carcinoma. Three-dimensional vascular architecture of tumors was imaged at 100-micron isotropic resolution. The image data showed good qualitative correlation with pathologic findings. The approach holds promise for studying tumor angiogenesis and for evaluating anti-angiogenesis therapies.