Publications [#269527] of Ehsan Samei

Papers Published
  1. Samei, E; Kearfott, KJ; Wang, C-KC; Han, S, Impact of variations in physical parameters on glow curves for planchet heating of TL dosimeters, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol. 353 no. 1-3 (1994), pp. 415-419 .

    This study consists of a theoretical analysis of the directional planchet heating of Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLD) with an emphasis on influence of radiation field type, TL material properties, and heating scheme parameters on the resulting glow curve. Computer software is developed to simulate the thermal conduction and TL production processes in a planchet-heated TLD chip. The results of the simulation are benchmarked to previous experimental findings for a LiF TLD and excellent agreement is obtained. The system thermophysical parameters and initial depth-dose distribution in the TLD are varied and the position of the main glow peak and integral glow are examined. A demonstration is given of how a set of thermophysical parameters may provide information about the depth-dose distribution in the TLD and how variation in the values of these parameters may limit the reconstruction of this depth-dose information. © 1994.