Publications [#303638] of Shailesh Chandrasekharan

Papers Published
  1. Huffman, E; Chandrasekharan, S, Solution to new sign problems with Hamiltonian Lattice Fermions, PoS (LATTICE 2014) 058 (November, 2014) [1411.7147v2] .

    We present a solution to the sign problem in a class of particle-hole symmetric Hamiltonian lattice fermion models on bipartite lattices using the idea of fermion bags. The solution remains valid when the particle-hole symmetry is broken through a staggered chemical potential term. This solution allows, for the first time, simulations of some massless four-fermion models with minimal fermion doubling and with an odd number of fermion flavors using ultra-local actions. One can thus study a variety of quantum phase transitions that have remained unexplored so far due to sign problems.