Publications [#331601] of Shailesh Chandrasekharan

Papers Published
  1. Huffman, E; Chandrasekharan, S, Fermion bag approach to Hamiltonian lattice field theories in continuous time, Physical Review D, vol. 96 no. 11 (December, 2017) [doi] .

    © 2017 American Physical Society. We extend the idea of fermion bags to Hamiltonian lattice field theories in the continuous time formulation. Using a class of models we argue that the temperature is a parameter that splits the fermion dynamics into small spatial regions that can be used to identify fermion bags. Using this idea we construct a continuous time quantum Monte Carlo algorithm and compute critical exponents in the 3d Ising Gross-Neveu universality class using a single flavor of massless Hamiltonian staggered fermions. We find η=0.54(6) and ν=0.88(2) using lattices up to N=2304 sites. We argue that even sizes up to N=10,000 sites should be accessible with supercomputers available today.