Publications [#248105] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Takhistov, V; Abe, K; Haga, Y; Hayato, Y; Ikeda, M; Iyogi, K; Kameda, J; Kishimoto, Y; Miura, M; Moriyama, S; Nakahata, M; Nakano, Y; Nakayama, S; Sekiya, H; Shiozawa, M; Suzuki, Y; Takeda, A; Tanaka, H; Tomura, T; Ueno, K; Wendell, RA; Yokozawa, T; Irvine, T; Kajita, T; Kametani, I; Kaneyuki, K; Lee, KP; McLachlan, T; Nishimura, Y; Richard, E; Okumura, K; Labarga, L; Fernandez, P; Berkman, S; Tanaka, HA; Tobayama, S; Gustafson, J; Kearns, E; Raaf, JL; Stone, JL; Sulak, LR; Goldhaber, M et al., Search for Trilepton Nucleon Decay via and in the Super-Kamiokande Experiment, Physical Review Letters, vol. 113 no. 10 (September, 2014), pp. 101801 [doi] .

    The trilepton nucleon decay modes p→e+νν and p→μ+νν violate |Δ(B-L)| by two units. Using data from a 273.4 kt yr exposure of Super-Kamiokande a search for these decays yields a fit consistent with no signal. Accordingly, lower limits on the partial lifetimes of τp→e+νν>1.7×10(32) years and τp→μ+νν>2.2×10(32) years at a 90% confidence level are obtained. These limits can constrain Grand Unified Theories which allow for such processes.