Publications [#248152] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Ambrosio, M; Antolini, R; Auriemma, G; Bakari, D; Baldini, A; Barbarino, GC; Barish, BC; Battistoni, G; Becherini, Y; Bellotti, R; Bemporad, C; Bernardini, P; Bilokon, H; Bloise, C; Bower, C; Brigida, M; Bussino, S; Cafagna, F; Calicchio, M; Campana, D; Carboni, M; Caruso, R; Cecchini, S; Cei, F; Chiarella, V; Chiarusi, T; Choudhary, BC; Coutu, S; Cozzi, M; Cataldo, GD; Dekhissi, H; Marzo, CD; Mitri, ID; Derkaoui, J; Vincenzi, MD; Credico, AD; Erriquez, O; Favuzzi, C; Forti, C; Fusco, P et al., Final results of magnetic monopole searches with the MACRO experiment: The MACRO collaboration, The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, vol. 25 no. 4 (2002), pp. 511-522 [pdf], [doi] .

    We present the final results obtained by the MACRO experiment in the search for GUT magnetic monopoles in the penetrating cosmic radiation, for the range 4 × 10-5 < β < 1. Several searches with all the MACRO sub-detectors (i.e. scintillation counters, limited streamer tubes and nuclear track detectors) were performed, both in stand alone and combined ways. No candidates were detected and a 90% Confidence Level (C.L.) upper limit to the local magnetic monopole flux was set at the level of 1.4 × 10-16 cm-2 s-1 sr-1. This result is the first experimental limit obtained in direct searches which is well below the Parker bound in the whole β range in which GUT magnetic monopoles are expected.