Publications [#248153] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Siedenburg, T; Chung, CH; Fopp, S; García, MF; Karpinski, W; Kirn, T; Lübelsmeyer, K; Orboeck, J; Schael, S; Dratzig, ASV; Schwering, G; Siedling, R; Wallraff, W; Becker, U; Berges, P; Burger, J; Fischer, P; Henning, R; Kounine, A; Koutsenko, V; Scholberg, K; Boer, WD; Hauler, F; Jungermann, L, A Transition Radiation Detector for AMS, Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, vol. 113 (2002), pp. 154-158 [doi] .

    For cosmic particle spectroscopy on the International Space Station the AMS experiment will be equipped with a Transition Radiation Detector to improve proton background supression up to 300 GeV. The TRD has 20 layers of fleece radiator with Xe/CO2 proportional-mode straw-tube chambers. They are supported in a conically shaped octagon structure made of CFC-Al-honeycomb. For low power consumption VA analog multiplexers are used as front-end readout. A 20 layer prototype has achieved proton rejections above 100 at 90% electron efficiency for beam energies up to 250 GeV. The detector is under construction at RWTH Aachen, the gas system will be built at MIT, slow-control and DAQ at TH Karlsruhe.