Publications [#248166] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Smy, MB; Ashie, Y; Fukuda, S; Fukuda, Y; Ishihara, K; Itow, Y; Koshio, Y; Minamino, A; Miura, M; Moriyama, S; Nakahata, M; Namba, T; Nambu, R; Obayashi, Y; Sakurai, N; Shiozawa, M; Suzuki, Y; Takeuchi, H; Takeuchi, Y; Yamada, S; Ishitsuka, M; Kajita, T; Kaneyuki, K; Nakayama, S; Okada, A; Ooyabu, T; Saji, C; Desai, S; Earl, M; Kearns, E; Messier, MD; Stone, JL; Sulak, LR; Walter, CW; Wang, W; Goldhaber, M; Barszczak, T; Casper, D; Gajewski, W; Kropp, WR; Mine, S; Liu, DW; Sobel, HW; Vagins, MR et al., Precise measurement of the solar neutrino day-night and seasonal variation in Super-Kamiokande-I, Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, vol. 69 no. 1 (2004), pp. 011104 [pdf], [doi] .

    The time variation of the elastic scattering rate of solar neutrinos with electrons in Super-Kamiokande-I was fit to the variations expected from active two-neutrino oscillations. The best fit in the large mixing angle solution has a mixing angle of tan2θ=0.55 and a mass squared difference of Δm2 = 6.3×10-5 eV2 between the two neutrino mass eigenstates. The fitted day-night asymmetry of -1.8±1.6(stat)-12+13(syst)% has improved statistical precision over previous measurements and agrees well with the expected asymmetry of -2.1%. © 2004 The American Physical Society.