Publications [#248239] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Ahn, MH; Aliu, E; Andringa, S; Aoki, S; Aoyama, Y; Argyriades, J; Asakura, K; Ashie, R; Berghaus, F; Berns, HG; Bhang, H; Blondel, A; Borghi, S; Bouchez, J; Boyd, SC; Burguet-Castell, J; Casper, D; Catala, J; Cavata, C; Cervera, A; Chen, SM; Cho, KO; Choi, JH; Dore, U; Echigo, S; Espinal, X; Fechner, M; Fernandez, E; Fujii, K; Fujii, Y; Fukuda, S; Fukuda, Y; Gomez-Cadenas, J; Gran, R; Hara, T; Hasegawa, M; Hasegawa, T; Hayashi, K; Hayato, Y; Helmer, RL; Higuchi, I; Hill, J; Hiraide, K et al., Measurement of neutrino oscillation by the K2K experiment, Physical Review D, vol. 74 no. 7 (2006), pp. 072003 [pdf], [doi] .

    We present measurements of νμ disappearance in K2K, the KEK to Kamioka long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. One-hundred and twelve beam-originated neutrino events are observed in the fiducial volume of Super-Kamiokande with an expectation of 158.1-8.6+9.2 events without oscillation. A distortion of the energy spectrum is also seen in 58 single-ring muonlike events with reconstructed energies. The probability that the observations are explained by the expectation for no neutrino oscillation is 0.0015% (4.3σ). In a two-flavor oscillation scenario, the allowed Δm2 region at sin 22θ=1 is between 1.9 and 3.5×10-3eV2 at the 90% C.L. with a best-fit value of 2.8×10-3eV2. © 2006 The American Physical Society.