Publications [#248244] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Hasegawa, M; Aliu, E; Andringa, S; Aoki, S; Argyriades, J; Asakura, K; Ashie, R; Berns, H; Bhang, H; Blondel, A; Borghi, S; Bouchez, J; Burguet-Castell, J; Casper, D; Cavata, C; Cervera, A; Chen, SM; Cho, KO; Choi, JH; Dore, U; Espinal, X; Fechner, M; Fernandez, E; Fukuda, Y; Gomez-Cadenas, J; Gran, R; Hara, T; Hasegawa, T; Hayashi, K; Hayato, Y; Helmer, RL; Hill, J; Hiraide, K; Hosaka, J; Ichikawa, AK; Iinuma, M; Ikeda, A; Inagaki, T; Ishida, T; Ishihara, K; Ishii, T; Ishitsuka, M; Itow, Y et al., Search for coherent charged pion production in neutrino-carbon interactions., Physical Review Letters, vol. 95 no. 25 (December, 2005), pp. 252301 [16384451], [doi] .

    We report the result from a search for charged-current coherent pion production induced by muon neutrinos with a mean energy of 1.3 GeV. The data are collected with a fully active scintillator detector in the K2K long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. No evidence for coherent pion production is observed, and an upper limit of is set on the cross section ratio of coherent pion production to the total charged-current interaction at 90% confidence level. This is the first experimental limit for coherent charged pion production in the energy region of a few GeV.