Publications [#248245] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Cravens, JP; Abe, K; Iida, T; Ishihara, K; Kameda, J; Koshio, Y; Minamino, A; Mitsuda, C; Miura, M; Moriyama, S; Nakahata, M; Nakayama, S; Obayashi, Y; Ogawa, H; Sekiya, H; Shiozawa, M; Suzuki, Y; Takeda, A; Takeuchi, Y; Ueshima, K; Watanabe, H; Yamada, S; Higuchi, I; Ishihara, C; Ishitsuka, M; Kajita, T; Kaneyuki, K; Mitsuka, G; Nishino, H; Okumura, K; Saji, C; Takenaga, Y; Clark, S; Desai, S; Dufour, F; Kearns, E; Likhoded, S; Litos, M; Raaf, JL; Stone, JL; Sulak, LR; Wang, W; Goldhaber, M et al., Solar neutrino measurements in Super-Kamiokande-II, Physical Review D, vol. 78 no. 3 (2008), pp. 112001 [0508053], [doi] .

    The results of the second phase of the Super-Kamiokande solar neutrino measurement are presented and compared to the first phase. The solar neutrino flux spectrum and time variation as well as oscillation results are statistically consistent with the first phase and do not show spectral distortion. The time-dependent flux measurement of the combined first and second phases coincides with the full period of solar cycle 23 and shows no correlation with solar activity. The measured B8 total flux is (2.38±0.05(stat.)-0.15+0.16(sys.))×106cm-2s-1 and the day-night difference is found to be (-6.3±4.2(stat.)±3.7(sys.))%. There is no evidence of systematic tendencies between the first and second phases. © 2008 The American Physical Society.