Publications [#248273] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Belloti, R; Cafagna, F; Callichio, M; Cataldo, GD; Marzo, CD; Enriquez, O; Favuzzi, C; Fusco, P; Giglietto, N; Spinelli, P; Petrakis, J; Cecchini, S; Giacomelli, G; Mandrioli, G; Margiotta-Neri, A; Matteuzzi, P; Patrizii, L; Predieri, F; Sanzani, GL; Scapparone, E; Lugaresi, PS; Spurio, M; Togo, V; Ahlen, S; Cormack, R; Kearns, E; Klein, S; Ludlam, G; Marin, A; Okada, C; Stone, JL; Sulak, L; Worstell, W; Barish, B; Coutu, S; Hong, J; Katsuvounidis, E; Kyriazopoulou, S; Liu, G; Liu, R et al., Measurement of electromagnetic and TEV muon components of extensive air showers by eas-top and MACRO experiments, Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements, vol. 28 no. 1 (1992), pp. 393-396 .

    The simultaneous observation of the electromagnetic and TeV muon components of extensive air showers by the EAS-TOP and MACRO detectors, respectively, is described for a period of 100 days in 1990. The two detectors and their combined resolutions are briefly reviewed and muon multiplicity distributions for various detector configurations are presented. A first analysis of the physical parameters Nμ and Ne related to the study of the primary composition at Eν = 1014 - 1016 eV is also presented. © 1992.