Publications [#287697] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Mariani, C; Tornero-Lopez, A; Alcaraz, JL; Andringa, S; Aoki, S; Aoyama, Y; Argyriades, J; Asakura, K; Ashie, R; Berghaus, F; Berns, H; Bhang, H; Blondel, A; Borghi, S; Bouchez, J; Burguet-Castell, J; Casper, D; Catala, J; Cavata, C; Cervera, A; Chen, SM; Cho, KO; Choi, JH; Dore, U; Espinal, X; Fechner, M; Fernandez, E; Fujii, Y; Fukuda, Y; Gomez-Cadenas, J; Gran, R; Hara, T; Hasegawa, M; Hasegawa, T; Hayato, Y; Helmer, RL; Hiraide, K; Hosaka, J; Ichikawa, AK; Iinuma, M; Ikeda, A; Ishida, T et al., Measurement of inclusive π0 production in the charged-current interactions of neutrinos in a 1.3-GeV wide band beam, Physical Review D, vol. 83 no. 5 (2011) [doi] .

    In this paper, we report on the measurement of the rate of inclusive π0 production induced by charged-current neutrino interactions in a C 8H8 target at a mean energy of 1.3 GeV in the K2K near detector. Out of a sample of 11606 charged-current neutrino interactions, we select 479 π0 events with two reconstructed photons. We find that the cross section for the inclusive π0 production relative to the charged-current quasielastic cross section is σCCπ0σCCQE=0. 426±0.032(stat)±0.035(syst). The energy-dependent cross section ratio is also measured. The results are consistent with previous experiments for exclusive channels on different targets. © 2011 American Physical Society.