Publications [#315552] of Kate Scholberg

Papers Published
  1. Takhistov, V; Abe, K; Haga, Y; Hayato, Y; Ikeda, M; Iyogi, K; Kameda, J; Kishimoto, Y; Miura, M; Moriyama, S; Nakahata, M; Nakajima, T; Nakano, Y; Nakayama, S; Orii, A; Sekiya, H; Shiozawa, M; Takeda, A; Tanaka, H; Tomura, T; Wendell, RA; Irvine, T; Kajita, T; Kametani, I; Kaneyuki, K; Nishimura, Y; Richard, E; Okumura, K; Labarga, L; Fernandez, P; Gustafson, J; Kachulis, C; Kearns, E; Raaf, JL; Stone, JL; Sulak, LR; Berkman, S; Nantais, CM; Tanaka, HA; Tobayama, S; Goldhaber, M; Carminati, G et al., Search for Nucleon and Dinucleon Decays with an Invisible Particle and a Charged Lepton in the Final State at the Super-Kamiokande Experiment., Physical Review Letters, vol. 115 no. 12 (September, 2015), pp. 121803 [doi] .

    Search results for nucleon decays p→e^{+}X, p→μ^{+}X, n→νγ (where X is an invisible, massless particle) as well as dinucleon decays np→e^{+}ν, np→μ^{+}ν, and np→τ^{+}ν in the Super-Kamiokande experiment are presented. Using single-ring data from an exposure of  273.4  kton·yr, a search for these decays yields a result consistent with no signal. Accordingly, lower limits on the partial lifetimes of τ_{p→e^{+}X}>7.9×10^{32} yr, τ_{p→μ^{+}X}>4.1×10^{32} yr, τ_{n→νγ}>5.5×10^{32} yr, τ_{np→e^{+}ν}>2.6×10^{32}  yr, τ_{np→μ^{+}ν}>2.2×10^{32} yr, and τ_{np→τ^{+}ν}>2.9×10^{31} yr at a 90% confidence level are obtained. Some of these searches are novel.