Publications [#309481] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Abat, E; Addy, TN; Åkesson, TPA; Alison, J; Anghinolfi, F; Arik, E; Arik, M; Atoian, G; Auerbach, B; Baker, OK; Banas, E; Baron, S; Bault, C; Becerici, N; Beddall, A; Beddall, AJ; Bendotti, J; Benjamin, DP; Bertelsen, H; Bingul, A; Blampey, H; Bocci, A; Bochenek, M; Bondarenko, VG; Bychkov, V; Callahan, J; Garrido, MC; Sas, LC; Catinaccio, A; Cetin, SA; Chandler, T; Chritin, R; Cwetanski, P; Dam, M; Danielsson, H; Danilevich, E; David, E; Degenhardt, J; Girolamo, BD; Dittus, F; Dixon, N et al., The ATLAS TRT barrel detector, Journal of Instrumentation, vol. 3 no. 2 (2008) [doi] .

    The ATLAS TRT barrel is a tracking drift chamber using 52,544 individual tubular drift tubes. It is one part of the ATLAS Inner Detector, which consists of three sub-systems: the pixel detector spanning the radius range 4 to 20 cm, the semiconductor tracker (SCT) from 30 to 52 cm, and the transition radiation tracker (TRT) from 56 to 108 cm. The TRT barrel covers the central pseudo-rapidity region |η| 1, and the TRT while endcaps cover the forward and backward eta regions. These TRT systems provide a combination of continuous tracking with many measurements in individual drift tubes (or straws) and of electron identification based on transition radiation from fibers or foils interleaved between the straws themselves. This paper describes the recently-completed construction of the TRT Barrel detector, including the quality control procedures used in the fabrication of the detector. © 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA.