Publications [#309483] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Abat, E; Addy, TN; Åkesson, TPA; Alison, J; Anghinolfi, F; Arik, E; Arik, M; Atoian, G; Auerbach, B; Baker, OK; Banas, E; Baron, S; Bault, C; Becerici, N; Beddall, A; Beddall, AJ; Bendotti, J; Benjamin, P; Bertelsen, H; Bingul, A; Blampey, H; Bocci, A; Bochenek, M; Bondarenko, VG; Bychkov, V; Callahan, J; Garrido, MC; Sas, LC; Catinaccio, A; Cetin, SA; Chandler, T; Chritin, R; Cwetanski, P; Dam, M; Danielsson, H; Danilevich, E; David, E; Degenhardt, J; Girolamo, BD; Dittus, F; Dixon, N et al., The ATLAS TRT electronics, Journal of Instrumentation, vol. 3 no. 6 (2008) [doi] .

    The ATLAS inner detector consists of three sub-systems: the pixel detector spanning the radius range 4cm-20cm, the semiconductor tracker at radii from 30 to 52 cm, and the transition radiation tracker (TRT), tracking from 56 to 107 cm. The TRT provides a combination of continuous tracking with many projective measurements based on individual drift tubes (or straws) and of electron identification based on transition radiation from fibres or foils interleaved between the straws themselves. This paper describes the on and off detector electronics for the TRT as well as the TRT portion of the data acquisition (DAQ) system. © 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd and SISSA.