Publications [#309615] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Akesson, T; Anghinolfi, F; Arik, E; Baker, O; Baron, S; Benjamin, D; Bertelsen, H; Bondarenko, V; Bytchkov, V; Callahan, J; Capeáns, M; Cardiel-Sas, L; Catinaccio, A; Cetin, S; Cwetanski, P; Dam, M; Danielsson, H; Dittus, F; Dolgoshein, B; Dressnandt, N; Driouichi, C; Ebenstein, W; Eerola, P; Farthouat, P; Fedin, O; Froidevaux, D; Gagnon, P; Grichkevitch, Y; Grigalashvili, N; Hajduk, Z; Hansen, P; Kayumov, F; Keener, P; Kekelidze, G; Khristatchev, A; Konovalov, S; Koudine, L; Kovalenko, S; Kowalski, T; Kramarenko, V; Krüger, K; Laritchev, A; Lichard, P; Luehring, F; Lundberg, B; Maleev, V; Markina, I; McFarlane, K; Mialkovski, V; Mindur, B; Mitsou, V; Morozov, S; Munar, A; Muraviev, S; Nadtochy, A; Newcomer, F; Ogren, H; Oh, S; Oleshko, S; Olszowska, J; Passmore, S; Patritchev, S; Peshekhonov, V; Petti, R; Price, M; Rembser, C; Rohne, O; Romaniouk, A; Rust, D; Ryabov, Y; Ryjov, V; Schegelsky, V; Seliverstov, D; Shin, T; Shmeleva, A; Smirnov, S; Sosnovtsev, V; Soutchkov, V; Spiridenkov, E; Szczygiel, R; Tikhomirov, V; Van Berg, R; Vassilakopoulos, V; Vassilieva, L; Wang, C; Williams, H; Zalite, A, Status of design and construction of the Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) for the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol. 522 no. 1-2 (April, 2004), pp. 131-145 [doi] .

    The ATLAS Inner Detector consists of three sub-systems, the Pixel Detector at the innermost radius, the Semi-Conductor Tracker at intermediate radii, and the Transition Radiation Tracker (TRT) at the outermost radius in front of the electromagnetic calorimeter. The TRT provides a combination of continuous tracking with many projective measurements based on individual drift-tubes (or straws) and of electron identification based on radiator fibres or foils interleaved between the straws themselves. This paper describes the current status of design and construction of the various components of the TRT: the assembly of the barrel modules has recently been completed, that of the end-cap wheels is well underway, and the on-detector front-end electronics is in production. The detector modules and front-end electronics boards will be integrated together over the next year, the barrel and end-cap TRT parts will be assembled and tested with their SCT counterparts during 2005 and installation and commissioning in the ATLAS pit will take place at the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006. © 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.