Publications [#309645] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Alexopoulos, T; Anderson, E; Bujak, A; Carmony, D; Erwin, A; Gutay, L; Hirsch, A; Nelson, K; Porile, N; Oh, S; Scharenberg, R; Srivastava, B; Stringfellow, B; Turkot, F; Warchol, J; Walker, W, Evidence for hadronic deconfinement in p̄–p collisions at 1.8 TeV, Physics Letters B, vol. 528 no. 1-2 (February, 2002), pp. 43-48 [doi] .

    We have measured deconfined hadronic volumes, 4.4 < V < 13.0 fm3, produced by a one-dimensional (1D) expansion. These volumes are directly proportional to the charged particle pseudorapidity densities 6.75 < dNc/dη < 20.2. The hadronization temperature is T = 179.5±5(syst) MeV. Using Bjorken's 1D model, the hadronization energy density is εF = 1.10±0.26(stat) GeV/fm3 corresponding to an excitation of 24.8±6.2(stat) quark-gluon degrees of freedom. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.