Publications [#309766] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Arai, Y; Arnold, JG; Barkell, JW; Bevensee, B; Broomer, B; Chapman, JW; Chiba, M; Collins, T; Corden, MJ; Craig, D; Davis, DM; Dressnandt, N; Dunn, A; Dunn, WL; Ekenberg, T; Emery, MS; Emura, T; Erdos, E; Ford, WT; Gabriel, TA; Goshaw, AT; Greene, SV; van Haaren, M; Hackworth, DT; Hamatsu, R; Hanson, G; Hirose, T; Ikeno, M; Jia, QP; Johnson, D; Kageya, T; Keener, P; Kitamura, S; Lee, AM; Leitch, RM; Li, Z; Luehring, F; Mann, J; Marshall, T; Martin, B; Miao, C; Murata, T; Newcomer, FM; Odaka, S; O'Foghludha, F; Ogren, H; Oh, SH; Ohska, TK; Robertson, W; Rust, DR; Sasaki, O; Schultz, G; St. Onge, KD; Sudo, F; Swensrud, RL; Thompson, BR; Toki, W; Van Berg, R; Vandergriff, DH; Vejcik, S; Wang, C; Warner, D; Watase, Y; Watson, CR; Wente, E; Williams, HH; Wilson, R; Winningham, A; Xiao, D; Yamauchi, K; Zou, B; Zuelchner, C, A modular straw drift tube tracking system for the solenoidal detector collaboration experiment Part II. Performance, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, vol. 381 no. 2-3 (November, 1996), pp. 372-384 [doi] .

    Several investigations were conducted to demonstrate the capabilities of a straw drift tube outer tracking system for the SDC detector as described in the previous article. These include electrical properties and aging properties of the tubes as well as measurements of electron drift times in a 2 T magnetic field. Measurements characterizing the radiation hardness of the processes used to fabricate the front-end electronics are also included. We present the performance characteristics of prototype straw modules read out through this front-end electronics as well as some data on the performance of the track trigger system.