Publications [#309772] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Abe, F; Akimoto, H; Akopian, A; Albrow, MG; Amendolia, SR; Amidei, D; Antos, J; Anway-Wiese, C; Aota, S; Apollinari, G; al, E, Study of tt production in pp collisions using total transverse energy, Physical Review Letters, vol. 75 no. 22 (1995), pp. 3997-4002 [doi] .

    We analyze a sample of W+jet events collected with the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) in pp» collisions at s=1.8 TeV to study tt» production. We employ a simple kinematical variable H, defined as the scalar sum of the transverse energies of the lepton, neutrino, and jets. For events with a W boson and four or more jets, the shape of the H distribution deviates by 3.8 standard deviations from that expected from known backgrounds to tt» production. However, this distribution agrees well with a linear combination of background and tt» events, the agreement being best for a top mass of 180 GeV/c2. © 1995 The American Physical Society.