Publications [#309809] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Alexopoulos, T; Allen, C; Anderson, EW; Areti, H; Banerjee, S; Beery, PD; Bhat, P; Bishop, J; Biswas, NN; Bujak, A; Carmony, DD; Carter, T; Cole, P; Choi, Y; Debonte, R; DeCarlo, V; Erwin, AR; Findeisen, C; Goshaw, AT; Gutay, LJ; Hirsch, AS; Hojvat, C; Jennings, JR; Kenney, VP; Lindsey, CS; Loomis, C; LoSecco, JM; McMahon, T; McManus, AP; Morgan, NK; Nelson, K; Oh, SH; Piekarz, J; Porile, NT; Reeves, D; Rimai, A; Robertson, WR; Scharenberg, RP; Stample, SR; Stringfellow, BC; Thompson, MA; Turkot, F; Walker, WD; Wang, CH; Wesson, DK; Zuong, H, Average transverse momentum vs. dNcdη for mass-identified particles at tevatron energies, Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplements, vol. 25 no. C (January, 1992), pp. 40-47 [doi] .

    The transverse momentum of charged mesons and p's produced within the pseudorapidity range of η = -0.36 to η = +1.0 and azimuthal range of φ = +2° to φ = +18° has been measured in pp collisions at √s = 1.8 TeV. The charged multiplicity of each event was measured by either the 240 element cylindrical hodoscope covering the range -3.25 < η < +3.25 or the central drift chamber, which spans a pseudorapidity range of 3.2 units. The average transverse momentum as a function of the pseudorapidity density for mass-identified particles is presented. We have observed pseudorapidity densities as high as 30 particles per unit pseudorapidity. © 1992.