Publications [#309822] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Abe, K; Alexander, G; Jr, EDA; Badiak, M; Beilliere, P; Bloomer, M; Bober, T; Brau, JE; Brick, DH; Brucker, EB; Bugg, WM; Busza, W; Castoldi, C; Cole, B; Cohn, HO; Condo, GT; Dimarco, R; Dolfini, R; Frank, TA; Fuess, TA; Galligarich, E; Gel'fand, N; Grodzins, L; Grunhaus, J; Hafen, ES; Handler, T; Hargis, HJ; Haridas, P; Hart, EL; Hasegawa, K; Hayashino, Y; Higuchi, M; Huang, D; Huang, HZ; Hulsizer, R; Introzzi, L; Jacques, PF; Kalelkar, M; Kistiakowsky, V; Kitagaki, T; Koller, EL; Ledoux, RJ et al., Leading particle distributions in 200 GeV/c p+A interactions, Physics Letters B, vol. 200 no. 3 (1988), pp. 266-271 .

    Distributions of the leading positive particle have been measured in collisions of a 200 GeV/c proton beam with hydrogen, Mg, Ag and Au targets using the FNAL Hybrid Spectrometer. Estimates of the rapidity loss of the projectile have been obtained as a function of the target mass, the multiplicity of negative particles and the number of recoil protons. We obtained a lower limit of the rapidity loss of 2.0±0.2 for central p+Au collisions. The impact parameter dependence of the momenta of the first few leading particles has also been investigated with important implications to estimates of energy densities obtained in central collisions. © 1988.