Publications [#309834] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Brick, D; Rudnicka, H; Shapiro, AM; Widgoff, M; Alyea, ED; Hafen, ES; Hulsizer, RI; Kistiakowsky, V; Levy, A; Lutz, P; Oh, SH; Pless, IA; Silverman, JP; Stoughton, TB; Trepagnier, PC; Yamamoto, RK; Cohn, HO; Kalelkar, M; Plano, RJ; Stamer, PE; Watts, TL; Brucker, EB; Koller, EL; Bugg, WM; Ludlam, T; Taft, HD, Comparison of 147 GeV/c π− p low transverse momentum hadron production with deep-inelastic leptoproduction, Zeitschrift Für Physik C Particles and Fields, vol. 11 no. 4 (December, 1982), pp. 335-341 [doi] .

    Distributions with respect to z and zR for the fastest and second fastest particles produced in both beam and target hemispheres from 147 GeV/c π- interactions are compared with each other and with the distributions for the fastest and second fastest particles from deepinelastic leptoproduction and Field-Feynman curves. The distributions and curves for the fastest particles are very similar, with the exception of the identified protons. Those for the second fastest are in agreement. Distributions with respect to z′R for the first through fourth fastest particles (excepting the protons) are all similar, suggesting that the shape of the distributions may be determined by the available longitudinal phase space. © 1982 Springer-Verlag.