Publications [#309837] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Bugg, WM; Condo, GT; Handler, T; Hart, EL; Cohn, HO; Kitagaki, T; Tanaka, S; Yuta, H; Abe, K; Hasegawa, K; Yamaguchi, A; Nozaki, T; Tamai, K; Maruyama, T; Kikuchi, R; Unno, Y; Otani, Y; Barreiro, F; Benary, O; Brau, JE; Dolfini, R; Hafen, ES; Haridas, P; Hochman, D; Hodous, MF; Hulsizer, RI; Kistiakowsky, V; Napier, A; Noguchi, S; Oh, SH; Pless, IA; Silverman, JP; Trepagnier, PC; Wolfson, J; Wu, Y; Yamamoto, RK, Some decay modes, Physical Review D, vol. 26 no. 9 (November, 1982), pp. 2183-2189 [doi] .

    From a study of 8-GeV/c-p interactions, the various two-pion and four-pion decay channels available to the g- meson have been investigated. Our results indicate that the dominant 4 decay modes involve intermediate and production without significant A2 formation. © 1982 The American Physical Society.