Publications [#309842] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
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    In an experiment with the 30-inch Hybrid Spectrometer at Fermilab we have obtained the inclusive and semi-inclusive production cross sections of the ρ{variant}0 meson using a conventional background subtraction technique. Production cross sections for the ρ{variant}0 are derived as a function of the Feynman scaling variable x, and the transverse variables pt2 and Et=(pt2+M2)1/2. The longitudinal distributions are compared with the (1-x) dependence of the proton and meson valence quark structure functions, using various forms of recombination and fragmentation models. The transverse distributions are compared with thermodynamic models. We give density matrix elements for the ρ{variant}0 production from pions in the extreme forward region. © 1981 Springer-Verlag.