Publications [#309844] of Seog Oh

Papers Published
  1. Brick, D; Shapiro, AM; Widgoff, M; Barreiro, F; Benary, O; Brau, JE; Hafen, ES; Hulsizer, RI; Kistiakowsky, V; Napier, A; Oh, SH; Pless, IA; Silverman, JP; Trepagnier, PC; Yamamoto, RK; Kittel, W; Schouten, M; Cohn, HO; Jacques, P; Stamer, P; Watts, TL; Brucker, EB; Koller, EL; Bugg, WM; Handler, T, Inclusive and semi-inclusive charge structure in π−p multiparticle production at 147 GeV/c, Nuclear Physics B, vol. 152 no. 1 (May, 1979), pp. 45-60 [doi] .

    A new method of analysis (leading charge model) based on the zone graph technique is used to separate charged particles produced in the target, projectile and central regions of phase space. A significant fraction of the centrally produced particles follow a Bose momentum distribution with temperature of 131 ± 2 MeV. © 1979.