Publications [#199873] of Stephen W. Teitsworth

  1. M. Heymann, S. W. Teitsworth, and J. Mattingly, Rare transition events in non-equilibrium systems with state-dependent noise: application to stochastic current switching in semiconductor superlattices (2012) .

    Using recent mathematical advances, a geometric approach to rare noise-driven transition events in nonequilibrium systems is given, and an algorithm for computing the maximum likelihood transition curve is generalized to the case of state-dependent noise. It is applied to a model of electronic transport in semiconductor superlattices to investigate transitions between metastable electric field distributions. When the applied voltage V is varied near a saddle-node bifurcation at Vth , the mean life time T of the initial metastable state is shown to scale like log T \propto |Vth − V |^{3/2}.