Publications [#248482] of Stephen W. Teitsworth

Papers Published
  1. Bhattacharya, PK; Li, W; Wallis, CR; Turley, PJ; Teitsworth, SW, Magnetotunnelling measurements of localized optical phonons in GaAs/AlAs double-barrier structures, Semiconductor Science and Technology, vol. 9 no. 5 SUPPL (1994), pp. 508-511 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .

    We have measured current-voltage characteristics at liquid-helium temperature and for magnetic fields up to 7 T (parallel to the current flow) for three similar asymmetric GaAs/AlAs double-barrier structures, all of which possess large phonon-assisted tunnelling currents. Confined longitudinal optical (LO) phonons on the GaAs well layer and LO-like symmetric interface phonons treated within a dielectric continuum picture suffice to account for the measured currents. Phonon-assisted tunnelling current levels as well as magnetotunnelling data are found depend sensitively on well and barrier widths.