Publications [#313635] of Anton P. Tonchev

Papers Published
  1. Sabourov, K; Ahmed, MW; Canon, SR; Crowley, B; Joshi, K; Kelley, JH; Nelson, SO; Perdue, BA; Schreiber, EC; Sabourov, A; Tonchev, A; Weller, HR; Wulf, EA; Prior, RM; Spraker, MC; Hofmann, HM; Trini, M, Experimental and Theoretical Study of the D(d,gamma)4He Reaction below Ecm = 60 keV, Physical Review, vol. C70 no. 6 (December, 2004), pp. 064601, The American Physical Society [doi] .

    New measurements of the analyzing powers A y and T 20 have been obtained for the 2 H(d, γ) 4 He reaction at a laboratory beam energy of 115 keV. A transition matrix element analysis results in a unique solution which indicates that the reaction proceeds by 55% E2, 29% E1, and 16% M2 radiation. These results are shown to be in good agreement with the results of a new refined resonating group model calculation. The impact of these results on the extrapolated value of the astrophysical 5 factor for this reaction is discussed.