Publications [#313647] of Anton P. Tonchev

Papers Published
  1. Fritzsche, M; Pietralla, N; Ahmed, MW; Rusev, G; Savran, D; Tonchev, AP; Weller, HR; Zweidinger, M, Weak-coupling of the neutron hole in207Pb to dipole excitations of208Pb, Aip Conference Proceedings, vol. 1090 (April, 2009), pp. 591-592 [doi] .

    With the nearly monochromatic, linearly polarized photon beam at the High Intensity ray source (HlγS) at DFELL photon scattering experiments on 206207208 pb have been performed. With these experiments Pb(γγ) photon scattering reactions could be used to determine spin and parity quantum numbers and therefore study the v(3 p -1 )-hole coupling of 207 Pb to dipole excitations in 208 Pb. © 2009 American Institute of Physics.