Publications [#313663] of Anton P. Tonchev

Papers Published
  1. Gangrskiǐ, YP; Tonchev, AP; Balabanov, NP, Excitation of isomeric states in photonuclear reactions, Physics of Particles and Nuclei, vol. 27 no. 4 (July, 1996), pp. 428-452 .

    The experimental data on the probabilities of exciting isomeric states in (γ,γ′) and (γ,n) photonuclear reactions at energies from threshold to the giant dipole resonance are reviewed. The isomeric ratios for g 9/2 , h 11/2 , and i 13/2 single-particle neutron states are given, together with those for two-quasiparticle states and shape isomers. The experimental values of the isomeric ratios are compared with the values calculated using the statistical model. The properties of nuclear levels in the energy range 1-6 MeV, via which isomeric states are populated, are discussed. © 1996 American Institute of Physics.