Publications [#313681] of Anton P. Tonchev

Papers Published
  1. Belov, AG; Gangrsky, YP; Zhuchko, VE; Tonchev, AP, Excitation of isomeric states in (γ, n) and (n, γ) reactions on Eu isotopes, Physics of Atomic Nuclei, vol. 60 no. 11 (November, 1997), pp. 1773-1779 .

    Isomeric ratios were measured for (γ, n) and (n, γ) reactions on Eu isotopes, which lie at the boundary between spherical and deformed nuclei. Targets from 151 Eu and 153 Eu were irradiated by thermal neutrons and by bremsstrahlung photons from a microtron with endpoint energies between 13 and 22 MeV. The reactions under investigation resulted in the excitation of 0 - and 8 - isomeric states in 150 Eu, 152 Eu, and 154 Eu isotopes. The γ spectra of product nuclides were measured to determine the reaction yields. The effect of quadrupole deformation on the isomeric ratios is discussed.