Publications [#313688] of Anton P. Tonchev

Papers Published
  1. Belov, AG; Gangrsky, YP; Tonchev, AP; Zuzaan, P, Excitation of the high-spin180Hf isomer and de-excitation of the180Ta isomer in (γ, γ′) reactions, Hyperfine Interactions, vol. 107 no. 1-4 (December, 1997), pp. 167-173 .

    The reaction mechanism of excitation and de-excitation of the high-spin isomers 180 Hf (J = 8 - ) and 180 Ta (J = 9 - ) in inelastic gamma-quanta scattering was investigated. An anomalously large integral cross section and isomeric ratio for 180 Ta in comparison to 180 Hf were obtained. Level properties influencing these relations are discussed.