Publications [#313741] of Anton P. Tonchev

Papers Published
  1. Raut, R; Tonchev, AP; Rusev, G; Tornow, W; Iliadis, C; Lugaro, M; Buntain, J; Goriely, S; Kelley, JH; Schwengner, R; Banu, A; Tsoneva, N, Cross-section measurements of the 86Kr(γ,n) reaction to probe the s-process branching at 85Kr., Phys Rev Lett, vol. 111 no. 11 (September, 2013), pp. 112501 [24074078], [doi] .

    We have carried out photodisintegration cross-section measurements on 86Kr using monoenergetic photon beams ranging from the neutron separation energy, S(n) = 9.86  MeV, to 13 MeV. We combine our experimental 86Kr(γ,n)85Kr cross section with results from our recent 86Kr(γ,γ') measurement below the neutron separation energy to obtain the complete nuclear dipole response of 86Kr. The new experimental information is used to predict the neutron capture cross section of 85Kr, an important branching point nucleus on the abundance flow path during s-process nucleosynthesis. Our new and more precise 85Kr(n,γ)86Kr cross section allows us to produce more precise predictions of the 86Kr abundance from s-process models. In particular, we find that the models of the s process in asymptotic giant branch stars of mass <1.5M⊙, where the 13C neutron source burns convectively rather than radiatively, represent a possible solution for the highest 86Kr:82Kr ratios observed in meteoritic stardust SiC grains.