Publications [#248587] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Setze, HR; Howell, CR; Tornow, W; Braun, RT; Glöckle, W; Hussein, AH; Lambert, JM; Mertens, G; Roper, CD; Salinas, F; Šlaus, I; González Trotter, DE; Vlahović, B; Walter, RL; Witała, H, Verification of the space-star anomaly in nd breakup, Physics Letters B, vol. 388 no. 2 (November, 1996), pp. 229-234 [doi] .

    Cross-section measurements of a collinear configuration, the space-star and the coplanar-star configurations in nd breakup at En = 13.0 MeV are reported. The present measurements for the collinear configuration are in good agreement with pd and nd data. Our coplanar-star data are consistent with theoretical predictions and resolve the reported problem with this configuration. The previously observed large discrepancy between theory and nd cross-section data for the space-star configuration is confirmed in the present work.