Publications [#248613] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Howell, CR; Tornow, W; Pfützner, HG; Roberts, ML; Murphy, K; Felsher, PD; Weisel, GJ; Mertens, G; Walter, RL; Lambert, JM; Treado, PA; Slaus, I, Neutron-deuteron elastic scattering and breakup reactions below 20 MeV, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions With Materials and Atoms, vol. 56-57 no. PART 1 (1991), pp. 459-463 .

    In this paper we review the results of a series of high-accuracy measurements on the neutron-deuteron (n-d) scattering system at incident neutron energies below 20 MeV. These measurements were designed to: 1) provide data of sufficient accuracy to be used to refine the parametrization of the nucleon-nucleon force, 2) to test the reaction dynamics in the "rigorous" calculations of three-nucleon (3N) breakup reactions, and 3) identify 3N scattering observables that are specifically sensitive to three-nucleon forces and/or off-shell effects. At TUNL we have measured vector analyzing powers Ay (θ) for n-d elastic scattering and the breakup reaction to an accuracy better than ± 0.005 and ± 0.020, respectively. Recent results on items 1) and 2) will be presented. Also, results of cross-section measurements for n-d and p-d breakup will be compared to a "rigorous" 3N calculation. © 1991.