Publications [#248657] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Tornow, W; Howell, CR; Byrd, RC; Pedroni, RS; Walter, RL, Analyzing Power Measurements for ( ) Scattering at 10 MeV Compared to Few-Nucleon Calculations and Data for ( ) Scattering, Physical Review Letters, vol. 49 no. 5 (August, 1982), pp. 312-315 [doi] .

    The analyzing power Ay() for scattering of neutrons from deuterons at 10 MeV for 30°to 145°(c.m.) was measured to an accuracy better than 0.005. The results are compared to published p-d data at 10 MeV, and convincing differences are noted for the first time. These differences provide a sensitive test both of calculations for the three-nucleon system and, more importantly, of the fundamental nucleon-nucleon interaction. © 1982 The American Physical Society.