Publications [#248680] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Crawford, BE; Stephenson, SL; Howell, CR; Mitchell, GE; Tornow, W; Furman, WI; Lychagin, EV; Muzichka, AY; Nekhaev, GV; Strelkov, AV; Sharapov, EI; Shvetsov, VN, Calculations of neutron spectra after neutron-neutron scattering, Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, vol. 30 no. 9 (2004), pp. 1269-1285 [doi] .

    A direct neutron-neutron scattering length, ann, measurement with the goal of 3% accuracy (0.5 fm) is under preparation at the aperiodic pulsed reactor YAGUAR. A direct measurement of ann will not only help resolve conflicting results of ann by indirect means, but also in comparison to the proton-proton scattering length, app, shed light on the charge-symmetry of the nuclear force. We discuss in detail the analysis of the nn-scattering data in terms of a simple analytical expression. We also discuss calibration measurements using the time-of-flight spectra of neutrons scattered on He and Ar gases and the neutron activation technique. In particular, we calculate the neutron velocity and time-of-flight spectra after scattering neutrons on neutrons and after scattering neutrons on He and Ar atoms for the proposed experimental geometry, using a realistic neutron flux spectrum - Maxwellian plus epithermal tail. The shape of the neutron spectrum after scattering is appreciably different from the initial spectrum, due to collisions between thermal-thermal and thermal-epithermal neutrons. At the same time, the integral over the Maxwellian part of the realistic scattering spectrum differs by only about 6 per cent from that of a pure Maxwellian nn-scattering spectrum.