Publications [#313033] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Keefer, G; Grant, C; Piepke, A; Ebihara, T; Ikeda, H; Kishimoto, Y; Kibe, Y; Koseki, Y; Ogawa, M; Shirai, J; Takeuchi, S; Mauger, C; Zhang, C; Schweitzer, G; Berger, BE; Dazeley, S; Decowski, MP; Detwiler, JA; Djurcic, Z; Dwyer, DA; Efremenko, Y; Enomoto, S; Freedman, SJ; Fujikawa, BK; Furuno, K; Gando, A; Gando, Y; Gratta, G; Hatakeyama, S; Heeger, KM; Hsu, L; Ichimura, K; Inoue, K; Iwamoto, T; Kamyshkov, Y; Karwowski, HJ; Koga, M; Kozlov, A; Lane, CE; Learned, JG; Maricic, J; Marko, DM et al., Laboratory Studies on the Removal of Radon-Born Lead from KamLAND's Organic Liquid Scintillator (December, 2013) [1312.0977v1] .

    The removal of radioactivity from liquid scintillator has been studied in preparation of a low background phase of KamLAND. This paper describes the methods and techniques developed to measure and efficiently extract radon decay products from liquid scintillator. We report the radio-isotope reduction factors obtained when applying various extraction methods. During this study, distillation was identified as the most efficient method for removing radon daughters from liquid scintillator.