Publications [#313039] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Mack, G; Tornow, W, The reaction54Xe(n, α)52Te at neutron energies from 12.5 to 18.0 MeV, The European Physical Journal A, vol. 207 no. 4 (August, 1967), pp. 359-374 [doi] .

    The reaction 54 Xe(n, α) 52 Te was investigated in the neutron energy range 12.5 to 18.0 MeV. A high pressure gas scintillator filled either with pure xenon of natural isotopic abundance or with a mixture of xenon and helium was used as a target and as a detector simultaneously. The helium served as a monitor, (n, α)-spectra were measured and analyzed by evaporation theory. Large components of direct processes were found. The level density parameter of 52 Te was determined as (17.0±1.7) MeV -1 . The cross section excitation function is given as well as the branching ratios for evaporation and direct processes as a function of neutron energy. © 1967 Springer-Verlag.