Publications [#313043] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Hogue, HH; von Behren, PL; Glasgow, DW; Glendinning, SG; Lisowski, PW; Nelson, CE; Purser, FO; Tornow, W; Gould, CR; Seagondollar, LW, ELASTIC AND INELASTIC SCATTERING OF 7- TO 14-MeV NEUTRONS FROM LITHIUM-6 AND LITHIUM-7., Nuclear Science and Engineering, vol. 69 no. 1 (January, 1979), pp. 22-29 .

    Differential cross sections are reported for the elastic and discrete inelastic scattering of neutrons from **6Li and **7Li. Source neutrons were provided by the **2H(d,n)**3He reaction in the energy range from 7 to 14 MeV. Scattered neutrons were detected at a distance of 3. 9 m at angles from 25 to 160 deg in 5-deg intervals. Total cross sections were obtained for elastic scattering from **6Li and for the sum of elastic and 0. 478-MeV state inelastic scattering from **7Li. Inelastic scattering cross sections were obtained for the 2. 18-MeV state in **6Li and the 4. 63 meV state in **7Li. The results are compared to ENDF/B-IV predictions and to previous measurements. Inelastic scattering to the 4. 63-MeV state in **7Li accounts for less than half of the total tritium production cross section for neutron interactions with **7Li.