Publications [#313056] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Tornow, W; Howell, CR; Pfutzner, HG; Roberts, ML; Felsher, PD; Chen, ZM; Al Ohali, M; Weisel, GJ; Walter, RL; Naqvi, AA, Analysing power for12C(n,n0,1)12C and evaluation of n-12C scattering at 18.2 MeV, Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics, vol. 14 no. 1 (December, 1988), pp. 49-64 [doi] .

    The analysing power A y ( theta ) for 12 C(n,n) 12 C elastic scattering and for inelastic scattering to the first excited state (J pi =2 + , Q=-4.44 MeV) of 12 C was measured at 18.2 MeV. A pulsed polarised neutron beam was produced via the 2 H(d,n) 3 He polarisation transfer reaction. The A y data, together with published cross sections, were analysed in the framework of the spherical optical model and in the coupled-channels formalism. A phase-shift analysis at 18.2 MeV gives supporting evidence for a broad 5 / 2 + resonance. The 12 C recoil kerma factors and values for the n+ 12 C reaction cross section were deduced and compared with previous estimates and predictions.