Publications [#313076] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Stephenson, SL; Crawford, BE; Furman, WI; Lychagin, EV; Muzichka, AY; Nekhaev, GV; Sharapov, EI; Shvetsov, VN; Strelkov, AV; Levakov, BG; Lyzhin, AE; Chernukhin, YI; Howell, CR; Mitchell, GE; Tornow, W; Showalter-Bucher, RA, Experiment on direct nn scattering - The radiation-induced outgassing complication, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 895 (2012), pp. 33-43 [doi] .

    The first direct neutron-neutron scattering experiment using the YAGUAR pulsed reactor has yielded initial results. They show a unforeseen significant thermal neutron background as a result of radiation-induced desorption within the scattering chamber. Thermal neutrons are mostly scattering not from other neutrons but instead from the desorbed gas molecules. Analysis of the obtained neutron time-of-flight spectra suggests neutron scattering from H 2 molecules. The presented desorption model agrees with our experimental value of the desorption yield η γ=0.02molecules/gamma. Possible techniques to reduce the effect of the desorption background are presented. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.