Publications [#313144] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Collaboration, TMAJORANA; Aguayo, E; Amman, M; III, FTA; Barabash, AS; Barton, PJ; Beene, JR; Bertrand, FE; Boswell, M; Brudanin, V; Busch, M; Chan, Y-D; Christofferson, CD; Collar, JI; Combs, DC; Cooper, RJ; Detwiler, JA; Doe, PJ; Efremenko, Y; Egorov, V; Ejiri, H; Elliott, SR; Esterline, J; Fast, JE; Fields, N; Finnerty, P; Fraenkle, FM; Galindo-Uribarri, A; Gehman, VM; Giovanetti, GK; Green, MP; Guiseppe, VE; Gusey, K; Hallin, AL; Hazama, R; Henning, R; Hoppe, EW; Horton, M; Howard, S et al., Characteristics of Signals Originating Near the Lithium-Diffused N+ Contact of High Purity Germanium P-Type Point Contact Detectors (July, 2012) [1207.6716v1] .

    A study of signals originating near the lithium-diffused n+ contact of p-type point contact (PPC) high purity germanium detectors (HPGe) is presented. The transition region between the active germanium and the fully dead layer of the n+ contact is examined. Energy depositions in this transition region are shown to result in partial charge collection. This provides a mechanism for events with a well defined energy to contribute to the continuum of the energy spectrum at lower energies. A novel technique to quantify the contribution from this source of background is introduced. Experiments that operate germanium detectors with a very low energy threshold may benefit from the methods presented herein.