Publications [#313151] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Collaboration, TM; Aalseth, CE; Anderson, D; III, FTA; Barabash, A; Bowyer, TW; Brodzinski, RL; Brudanin, V; Collar, JI; Doe, PJ; Egorov, S; Elliott, SR; Farach, HA; Gaitskell, R; Jordan, D; Kochetov, O; Konovalov, S; Kouzes, R; Miley, HS; Pitts, WK; Reeves, JH; Robertson, RGH; Sandukovsky, V; Smith, E; Stekhanov, V; Thompson, RC; Tornow, W; Umatov, V; Warner, RA; Webb, J; Wilkerson, J; Young, A, The Majorana Ge-76 Double-Beta Decay Project (January, 2002) [0201021v1] .

    The Majorana Experiment is a next-generation Ge-76 double-beta decay search. It will employ 500 kg of Ge, isotopically enriched to 86% in Ge-76, in the form of 200 detectors in a close-packed array for high granularity. Each crystal will be electronically segmented, with each region fitted with pulse-shape analysis electronics. A half-life sensitivity is predicted of 4.2e27 y or < 0.02-0.07 eV, depending on the nuclear matrix elements used to interpret the data.