Publications [#313155] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Kidd, MF; Esterline, JH; Tornow, W; Barabash, AS; Umatov, VI, New Results for Double-Beta Decay of Mo-100 to Excited Final States of Ru-100 Using the TUNL-ITEP Apparatus, Nucl.Phys.A, vol. 821 (February, 2009), pp. 251-261 [0902.4418v1], [doi] .

    The coincidence detection efficiency of the TUNL--ITEP apparatus designed for measuring half-life times of two-neutrino double-beta decay transitions to excited final states in daughter nuclei has been measured with a factor of 2.4 improved accuracy. In addition, the previous measuring time of 455 days for the study of the Mo-100 two-neutrino double-beta decay to the first excited 0+ state in Ru-100 has been increased by 450 days, and a new result (combined with the previous measurement obtained with the same apparatus) for this transition is presented: T_(1/2) = [5.5 (+1.2/-0.8) (stat) +/- 0.3 (syst)] x 10^20 y. Measured two-neutrino double-beta decay half-life times to excited states can be used to test the reliability of nuclear matrix element calculations needed for determining the effective neutrino mass from zero-neutrino double-beta decay data. We also present new limits for transitions to higher excited states in Ru-100 which, if improved, may be of interest for more exotic conjectures, like a bosonic component to neutrino statistics.