Publications [#316921] of Werner Tornow

Papers Published
  1. Bottcher, J; Blank, H; Finckh, E; Forstner, C; Jaumann, W; Schall, G; Scheuring, H; Schneidereit, U; Stauber, K; Weipert, A; Tornow, W; Woye, E, Analysing power for 28Si(n, n0, 1)28Si and sensitivity of spin-orbit potential parameters, Journal of Physics G: Nuclear Physics, vol. 9 no. 3 (January, 1983), pp. L65-L69 [doi] .

    The analysing power A y (theta) for elastic and inelastic (2 + , E*=1.78 MeV) neutron scattering from Si was measured at 14.1 MeV. The data were analysed together with published differential cross sections using the coupled-channels formalism. The parameters of the optical potential, especially for the spin-orbit part, could be definitely determined from the authors' accurate analysing power data. © 1983 The Institute of Physics.